Parking & Directions



KCRiverFest offers limited paid parking opportunities for the duration of the event. The parking lot is accessible from the Front Street/Grand Boulevard exit (by Isle of Capri Casino) via I-35/I-29 (on the east side of Berkley Riverfront Park).

Northbound traffic should use Exit 4 and Southbound traffic should use Exit 4B.  

Parking is $10 per car on Thursday, July 4th. 

In order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), KCRiverFest has designated specific ADA accessible parking areas. Very limited ADA accessible parking spaces are located near the park for vehicles displaying a disabled hang-tag or license plate. KCRiverFest has designated a drop-off area at the paved entrance to the park area, at which vehicles displaying a disabled hang-tag or license plate may drop-off disabled passengers and then park the vehicle at the nearest available parking site.

Parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


KCRiverFest offers free shuttle service, operating until 11:15 pm on the 4th. The shuttles will make pickups and drop-offs at the following locations:

3rd & Grand
5th & Grand
7th & Grand

The shuttle will operate to and from the RiverFest front gate for the duration of the event. Shuttles will be identified as RiverFest shuttles with window decals.

If you choose to park in the surrounding areas of 3rd, 5th and 7th and Grand to take the shuttle, PLEASE OBSERVE AND OBEY ALL parking and traffic regulations in that area. The City Market is operating as normal on July 4th and we ask that you respect all regulations that may apply as well as neighbors and businesses in the surrounding areas!   Thank You! 

What Can I Bring to Riverfest?
There are a number of items that are allowed at KC Riverfest.

Yes (These are ok!)
-Lawn Chair
-Bug SPray

NO (Please do not bring!)
-Any outside food items
-Coolers, glass, open beverages
-Pets (Service Animals are Permitted)
-Firearms, Knives, Drug Paraphernalia
-Weapons of any kind
-Fireworks of any kind

Please note: On-site promotions are reserved for official event partners. No papering, leafletting or material distribution of ANY kind is allowed inside Riverfest. 

We'll have plenty of food, drink and entertainment options. We promise. 

KCRiverFest, its sponsors and Friends of the River—Kansas City are not responsible for loss, damage or theft of vehicles or personal items; these entities are also not responsible for towing or removal of improperly parked or incapacitated vehicles. Please do not leave valuables in your vehicle.

Map of KCRiverFest (Coming Soon!)

Free Shuttle Route

Map of KCRiverFest Shuttle Route

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To get to the park

Map of Kansas City Riverfront Park

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Parking Areas

KCRiverFest Parking Areas

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